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Rekindling the Ancient Seat of Learning

Annual Residential Course

The Order is now accepting applications for its 2023 training programme.

Come and experience an immersive teaching programme on the sacred isle of Anglesey, the ancestral seat of the ancient British Druids. Experience the Anglesey Druid Order's unique flavour of Druidry. The Order serves to rekindle the ancient seat of learning by providing a face to face teaching programme.

The Order\’s training programme takes place on the east coast of the island within a sacred landscape. The teachings, in keeping with tradition, are oral in nature and conducted face to face. The aim of the programme is to introduce students to the Order’s unique practise of Druidry and to encourage a relationship between the student and the sacred landscape of Anglesey. The course explores myth and occult practises in a practical manner that serves to transform the initiate. Classes are purposefully small in number with a maximum of 18 students annually.

Weekend 1

June 2023

Exploring the function of mythology and Annwfn - the indigenous Celtic Otherworld. Introduction and exploration of the First Branch of the Mabinogi.

Weekend 2

August 2023

The power of Awen, Gods and spirits of the Realm of Sea, and the Second Branch of the Mabinogi.

Weekend 3

October 2023

Magic in Druidry, Gods and spirits of the Realm of Sky, and the Third Branch of the Mabinogi.

Weekend 4

December 2023

Going deeper, Gods and spirits of the Realm of Land, and the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi.

The Order's primary course will introduce and provide you with the following:

  • Classroom based teaching exploring the function of Mythology.
  • Exploration of the mysteries of the 4 Branches of the Mabinogi as spiritual practise
  • Introduction and working with the Gods of our tradition
  • An exploration of the mysteries of Cerridwen & Taliesin
  • A journey to explore the nature of self
  • The function of Magic in Druidry
  • Ritual and Practise
  • Rituals and ceremonies held within the sacred landscape of Anglesey
  • Official membership of the Order and the opportunity to be part of our magical family and community

The Order is now accepting applications for its 2023 training programme.

The course consists of 4 residential weekends on the Isle of Anglesey, fully inclusive of accommodation, course materials, and all food and beverages for Saturday and Sunday, Thursday evening and Friday are bring and share. Accomodation is provided from the Thursday, although, attendance on the Thursday is not compulsory and is offered as a time for getting to know the ADO team, the other students and exploring the Island. Teaching officially begins on Friday afternoon, full details will be sent to successful applicants. Please note places are strictly limited to 18 students.

Costs are £170 per weekend (i.e. 4 x 170 = £680 for the full course).

Membership is reliant on attending and completing the full course programme.

In order to be considered for the course, please answer the following questions and submit by email to:

Remember to include the following information:

  • A brief overview of your experience, training and or studies and practice in Druidry/Paganism.
  • Why you particularly wish to join the Anglesey Druid Order's training programme?
  • The Order is a community, please tell us how you feel you could contribute to be of service to the Order. Skills, expertise etc.

A Deposit of £50 will be required once successful applicants have accepted their invitation to join the course with payment in full by 1st April 2023.

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