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Rekindling the Ancient Seat of Learning

The Order

The Anglesey Druid Order was established by Druid author Kristoffer Hughes in 1999 to facilitate learning, devotion and celebration of the wisdom and historical significance of the island of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) ancient seat of the British Druids. The Order evolved from its previous incarnation as Cylch Awenydd. The Order’s purpose and intent is to celebrate the historical significance of the Isle of Anglesey and the islands rich cultural heritage. It is an Order of learning and inspiration, devoted to the rekindling of the old ways and creation of new traditions that sing in praise of Anglesey’s Druidic legacy. The Order promotes the study of old Welsh literal and oral sources to facilitate a deeper connection to the spirits of this magical island.

The Anglesey Druid Order has two distinct components, on one hand it serves as a ‘Mystery School’ which facilitates the teaching of Druidry within the tradition of the Order. The Order is magical tradition that is distinctly Celtic in nature. This component is initiatory and reliant upon completion of the Order’s official training programme. The course takes the student on a journey deep into “self” by utilising techniques recently developed but inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors. Through study, ritual and exercise the student travels into the mysteries whilst held by the magic of Môn. Upon completion the student is honoured as an ‘Awenydd’ of the Order and an official member. For details of the training programme or further information please contact us.

The second component serves to celebrate the islands Druidic, legendary, mythological and sacred associations. It achieves this by providing events, workshops open rituals accessible to anyone who wishes to participate.

The Order works in partnership with secular organisations and tourism bodies to provide a means by which visitors to the island can learn and experience its sacred past.

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