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Cae Braint consists of nearly seven acres of reclaimed marshland on the south western corner of Anglesey being developed by the Anglesey Druid Order as a nature reserve.

Aspects of The Anglesey Druid Order

Cae Braint Project

Myths & Story

Discover the myths and stories from the Tales of Taliesin and the Mabinogi.

Sacred Landscape of Anglesey

Explore some of the sacred monuments and the inspiring landscape of Anglesey.

Services offered by the ADO

The Anglesey Druid Order can offer many bespoke services such as Naming Ceremonies, Handfastings and Funeral Rites.

sacred Tal Cae

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The Anglesey Druid Order invokes and celebrates the importance of Anglesey as the chief seat of ancient British Druidry. It does this through education, the promotion of heritage and the celebration of culture, literature, the arts and indigenous Celtic spirituality.


The Order has 3 membership levels, Executive (Priests), Officially Trained Members, (Awenyddion), and Open Members.


The Order facilitates an annual training programme, rituals, workshops and various other events.