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In the beginning there was the Void.

And in that Void there was silence.

But there came upon the Void a Sacred Breath,

And thus the Void began to turn.

And in that turning a shape emerged,

Moving, turning, drawing in,

Edges of the Void began to form,

And as the edges formed they became like iron,

So the shape grew into that of the great Spinning Cauldron.

And the Cauldron held the Void within its heart.

As the Cauldron turned so it created the first sound,

A single note that filled the Void,

A voice singing in praise of its own creation,

A voice that called into the Void,

And that note became a word,

And the word was Dôn,

And Dôn became the earth, and rock, and stone,

And thus it was that land was formed.

Dôn sang her note of the Land,

But Dôn was lonely.

She was dark and barren,

So Dôn wept in her loneliness,

And her salt tears became the seas, rivers and oceans,

And so it was that the Cauldron sung its second note,

And harmony was born into the darkness,

As the note of Land, joined with the note of sea,

Llŷr raised his head from the water,

Don felt his kiss upon her skin,

With every breaking wave.

And she smiled.

So the sea caressed the land,

Llŷr’s touch upon her dark skin,

And Dôn sighed with pleasure,

As a third note was sung,

And the harmony became a song,

The breath of love,

Of Llŷr and Dôn,

Of sea and land,

Created the sky,

And Beli Mawr opened his shining eye,


And there was light.


(Damh the Bard 2014)


The Cauldron

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