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Meet the Anglesey Druid Order

Kristoffer Hughes


Barrie Jenks

Kristoffer Hughes is the founder and head of the Anglesey Druid Order, the Order developed from its earlier loose structured Celtic Pagan group - Cylch Awenydd. He has studied with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and is its 13th Mount Haemus Scholar. He is a writer and a frequent speaker and workshop leader at conferences, camps and events throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. He works professionally as an occasional actor on Welsh television and part-time for Her Majesty’s Coroner. He is a native Welsh speaker, born to a Welsh family in the mountains of Snowdonia in 1971. Kristoffer is the primary developer and teacher of the Order's training programme.


He is the author of “From the Cauldron Born: Exploring the magic of Welsh legend & Lore”, and the forthcoming titles, “The Book of Celtic Magic”, and “The Journey into Spirit: A Pagan’s perspective on death, dying and bereavement”. He is a keen and continuous student of Celtic literature and a teacher of the Celtic Mystery Tradition. He lives in the district of Bodorgan on the Island of Anglesey.

Barrie is a Priest of The Anglesey Druid Order, born to a non religious family in the summer of 1966, earning a living as a mechanical engineer. His path developed through witchcraft, coupled with a love of myth, legend, and nature. Questing for something more meaningful, He picked up the Mabinogion, it's words leapt out and sang to his soul. Gods and Demigods of these isles from ages past came alive with the turn of every page, and so it was he forged another path of the forest, the Druid path.

It was in a field in Wales Barrie first heard Kristoffer Hughes talk with a passion that was the catalyst, and inspiration he was searching for and so his journey with the Anglesey Druid Order began. Barrie studies the ancient brythonic texts, the poems of Taliesin, decoding it's messages, taking on a task of lifelong learning.


Taliesin wrote "Men went to Môn in search of enchanters"


As a priest to the order, the Gods and to peoples of this isle, he has but one purpose - To Serve.


Kristal Jenks


Taryn Shrigley

Taryn has been a Druid for the past 20 or so years and has a particular interest in Celtic Shamanism. She has a passion for Tarot and would love to design and illustrate a deck one day. She began her spiritual quest when she was a young teenager exploring Eastern philosophies, moving onto Wicca and then Druidry. Preferring to find her own way intuitively as a Druid she eventually came 'home' to the Anglesey Druid Order in 2013 when she undertook their Awenydd training. She has been initiated as an Awnenydd and feels adopted by 'Mon'.


She holds a Masters as a graphic artist and her art and craftwork is inspired by Native British Spirituality. She is currently working on an immersive project exploring how sound and light can affect our perceptions and psyche.


She has dedicated her creativity to helping the Anglesey Druid Order with their website and design needs.


Kristal had a great deal of freedom growing up in the East Anglian marshes, where she developed a deep and abiding love for the land and a craving for wide open spaces and solitude that has stayed with her. She is a keen amateur naturalist and works in the NHS as a midwife.

Kristal was brought up loosely Christian until she discovered Paganism at the age of fourteen. She initially followed a path of solitary witchcraft. Ten years ago she began to study Druidry; she completed her training and was initiated as a priest of the Anglesey Druid Order in 2008. She is devoted to the Gods of this land and honoured to be able to serve them and the Druid community.


Kristal's role in the Order involves teaching students on the Awenydd course, helping to lead rituals and organising camps and events.